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Painting your home seems to be an exciting activity that your family members can do together. It does seem to be a fun activity for everyone. But before the excitement gets to you, you should know that house painting, whether interior or exterior painting, is a tedious process. It requires skills, experience, the right materials, and proper preparation steps. That is why you have to let go of this activity and decide to leave it to the experts to avoid mishaps along the way. 

Premier Exterior Painting Orlando offers reliable and top-rated house painting services for homeowners in Orlando, FL and nearby areas. We employ local painters who are highly skilled. They are professionals, certified, and experienced in this field. Our painting company trains our painters so that they do not only complete the job based on our high standards, but also maintain a high moral character in dealing with our customers and their property. We certainly employ employees who can maintain these standards as well as stay drug-free. Our priority is your satisfaction.

Our House Painting Services

Our painting contractors specialize in reliable residential painting services. Our aim is to help bring your dream house come true. Whether it is newly built or just requires renovation, you can trust that Premier Exterior Painting Orlando is here to assist you from start to finish. Our house painters will only use high-quality paint, materials, and will make sure that you will love the results just like our previous customers.

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Exterior House Painting

We prioritize two things when performing exterior painting in our customers’ homes. First, we make sure that it is protected from natural elements or harsh weather conditions. We do this by choosing the right house paint and materials. This is important because water and sun exposure reduce the quality of the exterior paint. If that happens, especially if you do not utilize proper maintenance, the exterior painting of your home will not last long. 

Second, we prioritize the aesthetic appeal of your exterior house painting. We do this by making sure that the color combination is carefully chosen. Our professional painters are very experienced in this matter that you do not need to worry about choosing which colors match. In doing so, we will enhance the curb appeal of your home or give it a modern upgrade. Our house painters can effectively do this if we work together. 

And so, the key is to make sure that your home protects you as well as make you feel proud of the overall look. We will help shape the first impression that people will have once they see the façade of your home. Apart from that, our proven excellent work will increase the value of your home. So, in case you need to sell your home in Orlando, FL, you will be assured that the quality of our work will make your property profitable. Thus, you will not worry about it being listed too long in the real estate market. 

Trust Premier Exterior Painting Orlando with all your residential painting needs and you will never regret it.

Home Interior Painting

Choosing the best interior painting can be troublesome. You may have an idea at first, but it is best if you seek our professional help in making sure that the colors match well. Do not worry, because our local painters are experienced in many types of interior painting concepts that you can find inspiration from. We can provide the assistance you need for the most stunning interior wall painting that your house deserves. 

We treat each house that we service as if it were ours. That is why always begin our home painting service with the proper preparation steps to make sure that we provide top-quality home interior painting that lasts long. The process of preparing your interior starts by removing the appliances, breakable things, and other furniture from your home. Those that are big pieces of furniture will be left in the area to be painted and will be covered. The floor will be covered as well with a cloth. The outlets will also be secured. 

Before commencing the home interior painting, we will repair gaps or drywalls or fill cracks that your interior walls may have. We provide the proper caulking and fixing that the walls inside your home require. Then we will remove the wallpaper carefully. After that, our house painters will powerwash the walls, prime them, then start the actual interior wall painting proper.  

When we commence the painting process, we will not take so long that after the house paint dries, we will immediately clean the area. Our painting contractors will also put the furniture, appliances, and decors back to their places. This process will all within the timeline we will agree upon. And based on our experience, delays only come due to things beyond our control. But 98% of the time, we complete our projects on time. 

We are experts in Exterior and Interior Home Painting services!

Why Hire Our House Painters

Premier Exterior Painting Orlando is the local painting company that will provide your residential painting needs, including commercial painting services. We are the number 1 go-to place for reliable painting contractors in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Our top priority is your satisfaction. That is why we use the best materials, employ the most skilled and kindest painters, and have high standards in our craft. Expect professionalism in every step of the way.

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Hire us for all your house painting needs. Trust that we will be with you from day 1 up to the completion of the project. Whatever size, we will handle your home with care, expertise, and respect. We serve all homeowners and business owners in Orlando, FL and nearby areas at competitive rates. 

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